What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis has long been associated with all things mysterious, magical and supernatural! Simply put, it is a deeply relaxed and focussed state of mind brought about by the use of a set of techniques.

It is a very natural state of heightened awareness which opens the mind to beneficial suggestions and engages a person’s imagination to assist with positive changes. Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to program a person to do something against their will.

What can hypnosis be used to treat?

Hypnosis can be used to assist with many different issues. such as stress and anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, habit change, weight loss, public speaking, insomnia, bereavement and much more.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Each person has a unique experience. Some people say it feels like a daydream or being lost in their own thoughts. Others describe being in hypnosis as being lost in their own thoughts. Whatever their individual experience, the person always retains control. People drift in and out of these naturally occurring trance like states every day in life. Sometimes a person is unable to remember anything from their trance whilst others may recall in minute detail memories that the subconscious mind has revealed whilst in trance.


Sanomentology™ is a therapy mixing hypnotherapy, psychology, philosophy. It accesses the mind at a very deep and connected level which can provide faster results for clients than other therapies. Sanomentology™ helps the client to get to the basis of an issue, even if they are unaware of the cause. Once this is removed; any presenting symptoms also disappear as the link to it is severed. This can occur even if the cause has not been identified. The client either becomes pain free and/ or can achieve clear headspace. Life Enhancement tools and programmes are also available to help the client live their best life and to reach their full potential.

Hypnosis or Sanomentology can be used to assist the client with a wide range of problems from mental to physical issues;






Panic Attacks


Pain Management


Phobias and Fears e.g. Flying, Spiders




Moving forward with life goals


Self Esteem and Assertiveness Issues


Habit Control e.g. Nail Biting, Hair tugging


Weight loss (including Virtual Gastric Band) and Healthy Living e.g. Help with Diabetes


Quitting Smoking



What to expect as a client?

An initial telephone consultation of 15 minutes is offered free of charge. The first therapy session will take up to 2 hours as it includes the initial consultation and a discussion as to the treatment plan.

The second and follow up sessions will be an hour long unless it is ‘quit smoking’ then the individual sessions may be longer. Each client is unique and will receive a bespoke treatment plan dependent upon their individual and agreed needs. Preparation for the bespoke treatment plan takes place behind the scenes in preparation for each session.

ONLINE SESSIONS are now available!

Please feel free to get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation.